But What Does It Mean?

Yesterday, I started going through the Bible covering the topic of Hope.  My plan is to hit all the verses that explicitly call out “hope” from the ESV.  Today, for Thoughtful Thursday, I’m starting a series on Meaning.  I thought since the blog’s tagline is “Disucssions on Hope and Meaning” that I should actually write about that…  Hope  you enjoy!

Let me start off with one of the most difficult, profound questions in human history (no pressure): what is the meaning of life?

Is there significance to our existence?  Do we make our own purposes?  Is it given to us by a higher power?

These are the kinds of questions I want to pose here.  Also, I want to make it personal: what does your existence mean?  Why am I here?

But first things first – a simple yes or no question – does this life even have meaning?

What do you think? Is there a reason to existence or not?

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  • http://www.aaronklein.com/ Aaron Klein

    Andrew Peterson said something that got my attention a few months ago. He said that everyone should know the answer to the question “what were you put on earth to do?”

    His answer was “I was put on earth to tell the truth, and tell it as beautifully as I can.”

    I’m not sure I’ve settled on mine yet, but I’m getting closer.

    • cburtt

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