Free Wireless (and wires) in the Park

Last Saturday, we went to the central park in Chisinau.  Much to my surprise, there was free Wi-Fi available in parts of the park.  The antennae were strapped to the trees, but whatever – it works, and it’s free.  Also, Moldova has very fast Internet.  Probably 10x faster than we had in the States for half the price.  Definitely weird for Europe’s poorest country.

But, as with most things, with the good comes the bad.  If you are going to provide free internet and lighting in the park, you need to provide power for said equipment.  
We found bare wires sticking up out of the ground next to a bench about 25 feet from the playground.  Were they live?  I don’t know.  I decided not to find out.  Would you?!?
Posted in Moldova Monday
  • Sarah

    If you lick them they will tell you whether they're live or not!!