IBS – Luke 17:9

Luke 17:9 ESV – Does he thank the servant because he did what was commanded?

We arrive to the last statement in Jesus’ parable before He gives the grand finale.  An important aspect to remember: Jesus is asking the disciples how they would act if they were the master.  So, Jesus asks if the master (the disciples) would thank the servant because the servant did what the master told him to do.  The answer to this rhetorical question is “no,” as can be seen in the beginning of the next verse.  
Jesus’ words ring true.  When someone owes me something – specifically obedience – I do not thank the person for that obedience he or she owed me.  Granted, I may say the words, “Thank you,” but what I’m saying in my heart is, “Finally!  I’m glad we’re even now.”
As Jesus is describing this situation, He’s preparing us for the explanation in verse 10.  He’s stating here that the servant does not deserve a thank you.  He has simply rendered his service, and that will be all.
As an application of thankfulness, I wonder, what does it mean to truly be thankful?  If someone holds a door open for me, I say, “Thank you.”  Is that all there is?  Is that truly a sign of thankfulness?  If someone pulls my daughter out of harm’s way, would I simply say, “Thank you?”
Today, I give myself 2 applications: 
  1. Find someone I am truly thankful for
  2. Show that person thanks by more than the empty words I so typically use.
Lord, thank you for my life and the life to come.
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