IBS – Psalm 23:3

Psa 23:3 ESV  He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 

Disclaimer: I did not do my Inductive Bible Study today. As I read this short verse, and meditated upon what it meant, I couldn’t bring myself to observe, interpret, and apply the truths to my own life. Let me explain.

First off, my soul is in need of restoration. Like an old beat-up vehicle, my soul has been sold as-is. No warranty; no maintenance plan. I need someone to restore it, as if they were delicately replacing each part of a vintage vehicle with stock parts. I need total renovation, from the ground up.

Secondly, I lead myself in paths of wickedness. I’m reading about the Good Shepherd leading His people in the way of righteousness, and I know that it’s not me. I willfully sin daily. I’m a man full of pride, lust, arrogance, and more pride. I am not following where I’ve been led.

Thirdly, I do things for my own name’s sake. Seeing as I’m so prideful, I like to see my name in important places. Maybe as the top grade in a class or the employee of the month, or even with the word “pastor” in front of it. I’ll serve, lead, and live as long as I get the credit.

With that in mind, I didn’t think it was right for me to complete my assignment – I would feel like too much of a phony, so today, even though I didn’t complete it, I’m going to pray for restoration, a will to follow after Jesus, and a desire to see His name glorified and not my own.

End of disclaimer.

I didn’t complete my assignment.

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