This evening, Marie and I enjoyed a great dinner with a few friends.  At one point in the evening, each person had to answer a question that was randomly placed at the table settings.  Some of the questions were, “What do you want to get out of life?”, “How did you grow through a trial you had this year?”, and “Are you more often thankful for what you have or envious of what you don’t?  Why?”

The host added one extra question that every person had to answer, and it really started me (re)thinking:  Why do you think God has placed you on this Earth?

Another way to state it is, “What is your purpose in life?”  This has definitely been a question in the forefront of my mind in the past few months.  It’s been tough to leave a life that I was familiar and comfortable with.  It’s been tough to feel like I’m living for a purpose when I’m still preparing for what I have planned for my family.  Even though I can’t articulate my purpose at this time, I’m working on trying to get it down.  I want to be able to reflect on my purpose and use it to help me make decisions.

How about you?  What is your specific purpose?  Are you living for it?

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