The Church Launch


It has been a few weeks since I posted.  The reasoning is at least 2-fold:

  1. We launched the church!  After months of building a core team, organizing groups, and finding a location, we had our first Sunday Morning church service.  We had around 150 people, including children (some counted 170, but I think it might’ve been a bit high!).  The service was phenomenal.  Steven and the worship team rocked the house, Pastor Marius from Braila was there to give us a welcome.  We had a video from Cristian Barbosu, and Pastor Cristi gave a great message about how our faith in Jesus can empower us to do impossible things – like walk on water.  The next week, our numbers were more subdued, but we had around 60 including kids.  We’ve had some technical issues – Moldovan Batteries making our sound equipment fail, the children’s toilet blocking up – but overall, we’ve launched a great ministry!
  2. Our family was visiting.  If you haven’t been following my wife’s photo blog then you wouldn’t know that her mom and sister-in-law, along with our niece and nephew have been visiting us.  It has been a spectacular time, but it’s also been very busy!  They just left, so it got quiet here!

Anyway, we’ll get a newsletter out soon with more pictures and info.  If you’d like to sign up for our newsletter, click here!

This week we should be back up with Wednesday Hope!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Phil

    Sounds like an awesome start

    • cburtt

      It was a great start!