The Top 3 Reasons I Married My Wife

Today, my wife turns 30.  In honor of her birthday, and in lieu of me getting off my lazy butt and buying her a card, I’d like to share with the world the top 3 reason I married this “young maid.”  And before anyone gets irate that I didn’t get her a card, I *did* get her a gift, so lay off.
  1. She is Smart.  The first night I met her, I found out that she majored in math, and that she was a math teacher.  The more time I’ve spent with her, the more I realize that her intelligence is much more than mathematics and logic.  She is a beautifully intelligent woman who inspires others to know truth.  Primarily, she points people to the Ultimate Truth in the Scriptures.  On top of that, she has a massive amount of general wisdom that she shares with everyone, most of all me :)
  2. She is Sexy.  Yes, I used the word “sexy” and I am a pastor.  Deal with it.  My wife is sexy, and God made her that way, and I love it.  I would have posted a picture of her, but even a completely discrete picture of her might cause people to stumble.  She’s that sexy :)
  3. She is Stubborn.  Now granted, this attribute isn’t always as easy to enjoy as the first two, but it is an awesome thing.  I like that my wife isn’t moved like the wind.  She is resolute in her decisions.  This is an amazing thing to see when she’s parenting.  It’s also a great reassurance that she is true to her word, yet is willing to listen to reason.  Even when her stubbornness is tough, she is a model to me of someone who’s not easily swayed.

These are nothing new.  In fact, I told Marie when we got engaged that she had the “3 S’s” that I was looking for.  But today is her birthday, so instead of just keeping these 3 things to myself, I decided to share them with you.  Also, I think it might have embarrassed Marie a little, which is always a plus!

So, Marie, My Love, thank you for being my smart, sexy, stubborn wife.  I love you.
Happy Birthday!
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  • Aaron

    Hmmm, how to respond. Ew…and awesome? 😉