Thoughtful Thursday: Agency and Mechanism

This blog post was inspired by and has been adapted from a lecture by Dr. John Lennox of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

My Aunt Sandi baked a cake.  When it was baked, frosted, and decorated, our family invited the leading scientists from around the world to dissect the cake.  They took the cake and analyzed it to their hearts’ content.

  • The micro-biologist discovered which specific bacteria were present in the yeast of the dough.
  • The chemist discovered the exact chemical composition of the cake and was able to determine how the baking process affected the chemical bonds.
  • The physicist was able to put the cake into a particle accelerator and discovered the sub-atomic particles that held it together.  They even observed a Higgs-Boson for the first time.
  • As a team, the scientists were able to discover the exact moment the cake began to exist as a cake.
  • They basically answered every scientific question about the cake, and could completely explain its composition.
After they were done analyzing the cake, with all of their test results and conclusions, there were two simple statements that the scientists had to be told:
  1. Who made the cake – my Aunt
  2. Why it was made – for my birthday
Just because we can completely analyze the mechanism does not mean we have information about the agent who made it.  We have to be told.  This information must be directly revealed, or else we will never know.

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