Who Are We?

The Christian worldview states that since God is the ultimate reality, everything else comes from Him.  That implies that humans also have come from God.

He created us in His likeness.  This has a more than a few consequences.  Since we are made in the image of God, according to Genesis, we have some of His attributes.

Obviously, we are not omnipotent or omnipresent.  We have limited power, but we do have some.  We can’t be everywhere at once, but we do exist here and now.

We are not omniscient, but being like God, we can know some things.  Because we are like Him, we can perceive the world that He created and know that it is real.  We can use logic, science, and mathematics to understand more about the universe.

We are not all good, but we have some goodness.  We also know right and wrong because He’s put that in our hearts.  God created us good, but with the free choice granted to them, Adam and Eve sinned, bringing a fallen-ness to humanity.  This has limited our abilities – in knowledge, morality, beauty, and life.

Because He’s transcendent, we know that there’s something greater than us in the universe.  We also know that God is with us.  That’s the reason Jesus came – God’s personality.  His name means, “God with us.”  God, the greatest being in the universe, wants to have a relationship with his creation.  We have personality because He does.

Everything we are is a shadow of the Almighty.  Humans have a yearning, an emptiness that longs to be reunited to their Creator.  We all have worth because He has made us in His image.  Life is important because it has been given to us by God.  We shouldn’t over-value ourselves; that is pride.  We shouldn’t under-value ourselves; that is insulting to the Creator.  We are who we are because He is who He is.

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