You Meant It

I went to a small, Christian elementary school in central California. One time, while our class was playing soccer for P.E., I exclaimed a “fake curse” at someone on the opposite team. You know what I’m taking about. You don’t say the *really* bad words, but you say something as similar as possible without actually being guilty of cursing. It’s the intention of cursing without all the guilt and other repercussions.

Anyway, I said something – I don’t even remember exactly what – and my best friend looked directly at me and said, “I’m telling.”

Instantly, the lawyer in me came out: “What? I didn’t say anything bad!”

His response, in all it’s simple clarity: “No, but you meant it.”

I (obviously) remember that very clearly. He knew my heart because he was my best friend. (No, I’m not talking about Jesus here, but it IS true of Him too). How often do I still do this – say something that is “legally” OK but in my heart I’m sinning against God and man?

I have a feeling I do this very often, though I haven’t really asked myself. I’m too scared of the answer.

So, dear readers, what do you do to fight hypocricy in your own life?

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